Meeting Minutes 3/1/2012

Front Range Riders

Minutes of March 1, 2012 Meeting

Castillon’s Restaurant

Fort Collins, CO

Mike Blank, President, called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m.  Members present were asked to introduce themselves with a description of the motorcycles they owned or rode.

Mike explained the goals of the Front Range Riders Club (FRR)for the coming year, including: encouraging growth of the FRR by inviting potential new members to attend meetings and join the FRR; increasing opportunities for more dual-sport riding among members; more day or weekend rides and possible camping events, especially at the BMW MOA rally in Sedalia, Mo in July; affiliation with other clubs in the area such as Twisted Shaft and Northern Colorado Trail Riders; create new adventures for members like geocaching; and getting more members to share responsibilities within the FRR so the more active members don’t “burn out”; enhancing the FRR website; and allowing member posting  of potential riding opportunities on the website.

Tom Carlsen, Treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s report.  Presently, there is about $3550 in the FRR account, but current liabilities include owing $2200 to NYPUM, which will be paid out soon.

Mike announced that FRR has now achieved chartered club status with BMW MOA, thus enabling FRR to take advantage of publication of notices of events such as the Moose Run Dual Sport Rally in the MOA Owners News magazine. This status complements the FRR’s status as a chartered club with the AMA.  He described the last Moose Run Rally held in August, 2011 and the on-going efforts of volunteers to stage the Rally again the first weekend of August, 2012.

Members discussed other scheduled events, including a MTA event to be held at the Crow Valley Campground on the first Sunday of May and the MS Poker Run, scheduled for June 10.  It was suggested that FRR consider printing a card with the FRR logo on the front and with the meeting schedule and schedule of events of the back of the card for members’ use and to solicit potential new members.

Mike advised that an effort will be made to provide door prizes at each FRR meeting to encourage more member attendance and participation.  A door prize, donated by Beemers & More, was awarded to Denny Pink at the March meeting.  The prize was a portable motorcycle work light.

Robin Jahnke of Cheyenne offered to give a presentation of his Newfoundland trip at the April meeting of the FRR.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

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John Rivera



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