Ride to the Forts Report – August 17-18

Ride to the Forts (Fort Laramie & Fort Robinson, August 17-18) – Ride Report

We were few in number meeting up at the Daz Bog coffee just behind the Maverick Country Store in north Cheyenne. Denny and Jane Pink (on a Victory Vision), Kelly Kesler (on a Harley trike) and Deb Nielsen (on a Suzuki Bandit).


We headed north on US Hwy 85 to Torrington where we stopped for a break. It was starting to get a little warm. Jane suggested that we eat our way across Wyoming and Nebraska. Sounded like a good plan so everyone had an ice cream cone. After cooling down, we headed to Fort Laramie where we took a guided tour of the fort buildings. We learned a lot about the fort from the NPS ranger. One of the best things about the tour was that we got to take it in a golf cart. What a way to beat the heat! Afterwards we headed back to the town of Fort Laramie and had lunch at the American Grill where we were served by the town’s mayor himself. The mayor is also the owner of the restaurant. The food was very good. The beef they serve is sourced from local farmers who raise grass-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free beef. With our bellies full we headed to Guernsey to feed the bikes then took WY 270 through Hartville and intersected US Hwy 20/26 at Manville. It was a pretty, and warm, ride. We headed east to Lusk and took another break. This time we chilled down with ice cold water while standing under an a/c vent in the convenience store. Then we continued east on US Hwy 20 to Fort Robinson arriving in time for dinner.


Sunday morning we went on the Hayrack Breakfast.The wagon seats have been changed to wooden benches in place of hay bales. And propulsion was provided by a jeep instead of horses. But we went to the same serene site amid the pines at the base of the cliffs behind the fort. The food was good and filling; pancakes, slabs of ham, scrambled eggs and breakfast potatoes. Yum! Returning to the bikes after breakfast we decided to head south from Crawford to Scottsbluff as Denny and Jane wanted to be home by mid-afternoon. We stopped for a short break in Scottsbluff and fed the bikes then headed down US Hwy 71 to Cheyenne. Reaching Pine Bluffs on I-80 we could see dark clouds ahead and made it to the truck stop at Burns just before the rain let loose. We had a very nice picnic of cheese and crackers, washed down with ice cold water, in a back room of the truck stop while the rain poured down. When the rain was over we headed out on a rather wet interstate to Cheyenne. Deb turned off to her home when we reached Cheyenne while Denny, Jane and Kelly continued on to Fort Collins.

It was a great weekend even if we did have to wash road spray and Nebraska bugs off the bikes when we got home.